Inform the Australian medical profession

Place information packs with Australian doctors. Because of the poor stance of State and Federal health departments and medical publications, Australian doctors are badly misinformed about vaping. If they were fully informed they would recommend vaping to patients that have not been able to stop smoking with NRT products before they prescribed drugs like Champix which have the potential to create serious psychological problems for their patients.


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  • Beau Pracilio
    commented 2016-10-31 03:44:00 +1100
    If you would like help with this and your seriously interested in Changing Things Email me and Lets Talk about it.
    I’m not interested in making any Public Spiels after what I’ve encounter Since I first Started developing a Path forward back in 2009 and the losses endured because of the Road Blocks by ppl in Depts that neglect to engage with me time and time again Even though Ive spent a majoirty of my time improving and pushing for our Standards and reaching the milestones I personally had to set before even attempting to launch our products.
    With No guidance or Support in Australia anywhere for a majority of the time spent working this out.
    I’ll go into more depth if you wish to contact me and we can go from there.
  • Chris Robinson
    published this page in Your ideas 2016-10-30 21:19:57 +1100