Australian Parliament announces new inquiry into e-cigarettes

THRNow and MyChoice Australia welcome the Australian Parliament’s Health, Aged Care and Sport Committee Inquiry into the ‘Use of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia’

The move offers Australian smokers their best chance yet for access to nicotine-loaded e-liquids. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) remain illegal despite overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus from leading international health authorities including the UK College of Physicians that it is a proven quit-smoking aid.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s decision to keep nicotine vaping illegal on our shores has not only hurt consumer choice and denied our smokers access to life-saving technology. There is also evidence that it has facilitated the black market trade in illicit tobacco products which has been linked to illegal enterprises including terrorism.

Contrary to its stated purpose, this has also put consumers at risk with unregulated black market nicotine solutions from China easily available at a potency of 99% nicotine.

Legalising ENDS would bring Australia in line with our international partners. E-cigarettes are legal in the European Union where over 6 million people have kicked their smoking addiction with help from the technology. They are also legal in the UK, and the United States of America, will be legalised in New Zealand, and are about to be regulated in Canada.   

With your continued support, Australia’s parliament has finally opened the doors for a legislative solution that could save the lives of millions of smokers and it’s time to keep the momentum going!

Click here to take action by expressing your support for legalised ENDS to the committee. Submissions are due by 6 July 2017.

Satyajeet Marar is the Director of Tobacco Harm Reduction Now and MyChoice Australia  

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