Here are a selection of articles you may find interesting. Each of them support the legalisation of this life-saving technology through either personal experience, statistics, or a combination of both. Check them out below!

Why Is Our Government Refusing To Save People's Lives?

Catallaxy Files

ATA Director Tim Andrews wrote an article for Catallaxy Files describing the government’s inaction on legalising vaping as ‘morally reprehensible.’ Tim links to many studies supporting the fact that this is a life-saving technology that needs government approval now. Here’s a short snippet of what he had to say:

'Why is our government standing in the way of saving people’s lives?

This is not a case of the government being wrong or misguided. This is a case of the government standing in the way of saving people’s lives. It is morally reprehensible, and we need to do something about it.'

Read the full article here!

Legalise nicotine vaping as a harm reduction solution for tobacco smoking

On-Line Opinion

MyChoice Director Satyajeet ‘Satya’ Marar gives a great insight into the evidence backing vaping. He goes in to a lot of detail about the technology, the health benefits and the many studies supporting this life-saving technology:

‘What makes this state of affairs more bizarre is that nicotine dissolved in water is treated the same way as highly addictive and harmful opiates. All the while, tobacco-laced cigarettes which are far more dangerous to both active and passive smokers continue to be accessible.’

To read more of Satya’s article, click here

Nicotine vaping should be legal 

Sydney Morning Herald

Colin Mendelsohn, a tobacco treatment specialist, published a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald discussing the success of legalising vaping in countries like New Zealand. Colin is also an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at UNSW, and he’s pushing the TGA to review their stance on vaping:

‘With appropriate controls, the widespread availability e-cigarettes containing nicotine has the potential to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australian smokers.’

Read the original article here

State government is not seeing the light on vaping

Herald Sun

The government saying that something is ‘fair and reasonable’ doesn’t make it true. So Terry Barnes is spot on when he calls on the Victorian government to listen to public opinion and – gasp – evidence! He debunks government-perpetuated lies about vaping brilliantly:

‘While citing the views of government agency VicHealth and the Cancer Council of Victoria, [Health Minister] Ms Hennessy hasn’t mentioned two recent British reports assessing ECs as invaluable quitting aids for smokers and at least 95 per cent safer than combustible tobacco.’

Do you agree with Terry? Read more on what he had to say here.

Quitting smoking made me a criminal

Joe Hildebrand cites personal experience when he talks about how vaping is literally adding years to his life. Like the rest of us, he’s shocked that vaping is a criminal act. The government needs to look at personal stories, public opinion and evidence, and stop sticking its head in the sand:

‘This is the nanny state gone insane. And other countries know it. In the UK, where e-cigarettes are perfectly legal and even encouraged, the peak health body Public Health England recently concluded that “using EC (electronic cigarettes) is around 95 per cent safer than smoking” and that “smokers who have tried other methods of quitting without success could be encouraged to try e-cigarettes”.’

Read the full article to see what else Joe had to say. 

Decision could cost millions of Australians $6000 a year

Another fantastic article by Joe Hildebrand discusses the cost of the TGA’s reckless decision to keep vaping illegal. He argues that the poor will be hit the hardest, and that switching to (and legalising) vaping would make smokers ‘richer and healthier.’ Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the article:

'A federal government decision that was quietly slipped through last month could potentially cost millions of people more than $6,000 a year — and it’s the poor who will be the hardest hit.

That’s how much a typical smoker could save if they switched to e-cigarettes but the Therapeutic Goods Administration last month ruled to keep the quitting devices illegal.'

Click on this link for the full article. 

Independence v accountability

Australian Financial Review

Dean Smith discusses the trade-off between independence and accountability, referencing the TGA as an independent body making illogical decisions. This, Dean argues, is the downfall of ‘independent’ and therefore ‘unaccountable’ bodies:

‘This is what happens when power is devolved from a democratically elected body to an unaccountable one. You end up with a ridiculous situation where people who want to improve their own health are prevented from doing so by people who “know better”.’

Dean’s full article has been published by the Australian Financial Review.

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