Support Senator Leyonhjelm's Bill to legalise nicotine vaping

Following the TGA’s questionable decision to keep nicotine solutions illegal last week, Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm is presenting a legislative solution to Federal Parliament.

The Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2016 Measures No. 1) Bill 2016 mandates that the TGA follow logical consistency by treating nicotine solutions in the same way as combustible tobacco that remains legal for sale.

In other words, nicotine solutions would be removed from Schedule 7 of the Australian Poisons Standard – allowing consumers to access this safe, non-carcinogenic alternative to smoking. 

The move would not only be a victory for consumer choice, but would support the overwhelming consensus of internationally renown public health authorities, harm reduction experts, scientific bodies and academics who recommend that smokers switch to vaping to kick their habit and significantly reduce their risk of cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.

It would also support the emerging, innovative and fast-growing vape industry which already employs hundreds of Australians. Fostering consumer access to nicotine solutions through legal businesses provides an important bulwark against the international tobacco product black market – an illegal industry with established links to terrorism in our region.

With momentum building, it is important that this life-saving Bill receives the support of parliament at this crucial time.

You can help by supporting THRNow’s campaign and writing to your local representative to secure their support for Senator Leyonhjelm’s bill. With your help, we can put this life-saving technology in the hands of our smokers to give them a fighting chance.

Satyajeet Marar is the Director of MyChoice Australia and THRNow. 

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