TGA final decision - a victory for cancer and a blow to public health and consumer choice

Nicotine vaping will remain illegal in Australia despite overwhelming evidence that it is far safer than smoking cigarettes.


The TGA’s hypocritical final decision to keep low-concentration nicotine solutions out of consumer hands while carcinogenic cigarettes continue to be widely available, firmly places Australia behind the rest of the western world and comes after an 8 month public consultation process plagued by questions of scientific rigour and a lack of transparency.


It is at odds with overwhelming evidence from the UK, EU and USA as well as eminent public health authorities that nicotine vaping saves life and bolsters public health by offering an effective means to help smokers kick their habit and virtually eliminating their exposure to cancer-causing toxins.


By choosing to largely ignore the facts, the TGA has not only supported the interests of the Big Pharma lobby but also the interests of those involved in the lucrative and growing tobacco/nicotine black market – an industry that not only produces easily importable, lethal and unregulated 99% nicotine solutions but is a proven funder of terrorism and other illegal enterprises.


Health experts including Terry Barnes – former senior health adviser to the federal government, have described the verdict as “a victory for fear of the new and disruptive” with Colin Mendelsohn, a leading harm reduction expert noting its “poor science” and “misguided, short sighted” public policy approach to public policy.


But the TGA ruling is not the end, but just the beginning for the fight to see this proven life-saving technology legalised. A number of MPs and senators are known to have expressed outrage about the TGA’s final conclusion, its logically unsound foundations and its problematic and opaque process.


Momentum is building for a legislative solution to the problem. But we need your support.


You can help by writing to your local representative. THRNow is proud to continue the fight for Australian consumers seeking the informed choice to join 6 million Europeans who have successfully quit smoking with the aid of vapes.


The TGA’s final decision in full can be viewed here.


The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance/MyChoice joint report on the benefits of vaping can be viewed here.


Satyajeet Marar is the Director of MyChoice Australia and Tobacco Harm Reduction Now (THRNow) 

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